How to Use

Using soap is pretty self explanatory.  Add water.  Lather.  Wash.  Rinse.  Don’t eat. We suspect that our soaps will primarily be used for washing people.  But we make no judgements.

Spritzes are meant to be pumped.  Okay, not that way!  Pump your spritz and enjoy the spraying of fine liquid into the air.  The misty magical fine scent in the air will impact all that is in the area of the spray, so both the room and the people and non-people if they are present.  (Cats or dogs, people, I’m not saying you’re visited by aliens or faeries.  Not saying you aren’t either.)  You can focus on spraying yourself or your space.  We don’t recommend spraying other people in the face.  That is rude and without consent it is a violation of their personage that is just wrong.

Anointing oils can be used to anoint–wait, what?  what the heck is anointing you say?  It is taking the oil and applying it or rubbing <ahem> it on an item of your choice.  Body part, furniture, windows, appliances, candles, what have you.  Pulse points work wonderfully for this and candles are probably the second most used place for anointing oils.

Lip balms are applied (usually) onto your lips.  They could also be used to apply the blend to your skin, again on any pulse point or place – it’s just a different consistency and absorbency.  It is much more dilute than the anointing oil and thus safer for the fine membrane of your lip skin.  (Is it just me or does that sound kinda creepy?).  You can realize that you are breathing in the essence of the State Altering Mix, that you are sending that essence out into space with every word or outer breath.  Particularly useful if, for instance, you are having difficulties with maintaining your personal boundaries in conversations, you could then apply some Take No Sh*t lip balm to your mouth and know that you are empowering yourself to hold your truth firm and first.