Batch #

Each time we go mad and sciencey and make up a new round of oils to turn into fantabulous items for you to buy, well, that’s a new batch of something something.

And so we give it a number.  Because, as has been said before, we are obsessed with organization.  So each State Altering Mix (such as Bloom in our Signature Line or Calm Blue Ocean in our Heartsease Line) has it’s own number:  Bloom is 3 (we think, and we’re too damned lazy to go double check for you in this moment) and let’s say for the sake of fun that Calm Blue Ocean is 7.  The first time we make a batch of Bloom, it’s 3.01 (01 because, of course, it’s the first time we mixed up the oils).  The 13th time we make this blend, it would be 3.13.  Thus we can keep track of which batch is witch….uh, which.

And why would we do that?  Because every batch will be slightly different.  The oils will be of a slightly different age or we will have bought new base oils or the weather is cooler or hotter or humid or the wind is from the North or my cat puked on my foot while we were mixing and things went a little more awry than usual.  The point is, there are always variables, some of which cannot be predicted, between one batch and the next.  You will have the closest approximation to your original purchase if you buy from the same batch number.  Just saying.  In a very long-winded way.

Naturally this applies to everything made from that batch, so there is a 3.01 soap and a 3.01 lip balm and a 3.01 anointing oil and a 3.04 spritz.  Did you catch the error in that last statement?  There will be a test.