Product Purchasing

I know that right now you’re salivating at the mere thought of getting your soon-to-be incredibly sudsily clean hands on some of our glorious and (usually but not guaranteed) awesomely smelling items.  You probably want to reach out and click something so that you know it’s headed your way, right now.

Alas, we’re not amazon and our faeries are on strike.  In other words, we are not currently selling online.  Is sad, but true.  So to buy our products, you must pass these trials three.

One.  Live in the Lower Mainland or know someone who does.  (That would be in the South Western part of British Columbia Canada if you aren’t local and are wondering what the frak?)

Two.  Contact us via email or go to Phoenix Rising Metaphysical Emporium in Langley OR win the random lucky lottery of finding our amazeballs products at a pagan event or craft fair near you…if you happen to live locally.

Three.  Pick what you want.  We wish you good luck with this.  We can’t pick ourselves as to what our favourites are.  But, really, all you need to do is look at what you need in your life (or the life of the person you’re buying the gift for) and then get the product that will aid you energetically/emotionally/spiritually in the way you need and in the way you want to use it (soap, spritz, lip balm, etc.)